Parish Plan and Sefton Local Plan

We are in the process of developing a Parish Plan for the village. A consultation exercise will be undertaken in the near future to ensure the Plan fully reflects the views and needs of residents and businesses alike. In essence, a Parish Plan should explain what a community aspires to, its present position, and how we will plan for future requirements and challenges.

There is also a plan at borough level, this is known as the Sefton Local Plan. Sefton’s Local Plan was approved on 20th April 2017, and will¬†shape the future of Sefton for years to come. It will set out how new development will be managed in the period from 2015 to 2030. It encourages sustainable development and economic growth and identifies more opportunities for current and future generations to live and work in Sefton. Residents are encouraged to consult the Plan to find out more about what is planned for the borough and in areas neighbouring Hightown.